About LEAP



Carol Wu

"Every child has unlimited possibilities." I believe that every child in the world is unique and possess different potential.  They are therefore to be inspired, not to be controlled. 


As an educator of LEAP, I am on a mission to help students develop a healthy lifestyle and stay drug-free by providing the systemic and health-based education programmes of LEAP.  And it is also through this journey that I have come to understand better about how life can affect life.  


Education is not just about spoon-feeding students with knowledge. More importantly, it is about inspiring and motivating students to realize their full potential. LEAP’s interactive programmes not only inspire students to live a drug-free life, but also help them establish a positive attitude towards life.


I treasure all the teaching moments and enjoy interacting with every student in the LEAP classroom.  I look forward to reaching out to more schools and making an impact on the lives of more students.