About LEAP

Mission Statement

Our Purpose

To empower young people to build a healthy, safe and positive life and become fulfilled and contributing adults.


Our Mission

To help prevent substance abuse, particularly drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, by providing positive health-based education programmes for young people.


Fulfilling Our Mission

LEAP works in partnership with schools, teachers, parents, government and other agencies to communicate healthy lifestyle messages by:


  • Educating young people in accordance with LEAP’s philosophy of emphasizing the good and positive attributes of the human body and life


  • Offering sequential, health based, age appropriate and interactive drug education programmes to young people


  • Educating young people on the effects of drugs, alcohol and other substances on the human body


  • Equipping young people so they have the skills necessary to understand and overcome pressures to abuse the human body


  • Encouraging an awareness and appreciation of the uniqueness and potential of each individual


  • Educating young people on the relationship between human beings and the environment


  • Encouraging respect and support of each other


  • Equipping parents with drug knowledge, to help them prevent substance abuse in the family


  • Helping parents acquire and enhance parenting skills that aid children’s development


  • Raising community awareness on the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle


  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices