Education Programmes

Primary Programme

Programme Outline

Research has shown that effective drug education should start from an early age, be sequential and age-appropriate. LEAP’s primary programmes focus on four main areas: body knowledge, food and nutrition, drug education and social skills development.


Primary Curriculum



Kindergarten Curriculum

Additional Programme (Upper Primary) 



For information on the Chinese Primary Programme, please click here.


Partnership with Schools

In partnership with many English-speaking schools over the years, LEAP has continued to fine-tune its programmes to accommodate various curricula.  Its aim is to strengthen messages that build up the importance of a healthy lifestyle with appropriate skills and strategies.


LEAP's programmes integrate well with the International Baccalaureate Primary Year's Programme of Inquiry.  In addition, the programmes develop and enhance the learner's profile; empowering students to become fulfilled and contributing adults.


Every student receives a booklet and teachers receive a CD-ROM to conduct follow-up sessions to reinforce knowledge on physiology, nutrition, drugs and the building up of skills. 


For any school that is interested, LEAP would be pleased to conduct a pre-visit meeting with teachers to discuss how the LEAP curriculum can best integrate into their individual subjects.