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Special Needs Programme

LEAP's Special Needs Programme emphasizes the holistic development of young people, helping them to establish a positive lifestyle and increase their resilience and social adaptability. Currently, the Special Needs Programme is delivered only in Chinese and can be taken either in a mobile classroom, designed specially to facilitate access for students with special needs, or in a school classroom. 


There are 19 units in the Special Needs Programme, catering to the needs of students with mild, moderate or severe intellectual or physical disabilities. The programme comprises six themes: personal hygiene and self-care, body knowledge, drug information, emotional knowledge, social skills and independent living skills.  They are designed to be fun, interactive and educational at the same time, so that even difficult concepts can be taught through simple games and activities. Students participate in a one-hour session each year. At the end of each session, a CD-Rom is given to the accompanying teacher to facilitate follow-up activities in the classroom.

There are 15 units for students with mild or moderate grade intellectual disabilities:


  Theme Level Main Topics  
1 Harold and Hygiene P.1

To develop an awareness of the body and the importance of personal hygiene



2 Looking Great P.2

To understand the changing seasons, and the need to wear different clothes for varying weather conditions and occasions


3 Variety of Food P.3

To introduce the different food groups and the digestive system


4 Food Journey P.4

To appreciate the importance of nutrition, the different food ingredients, and their journey through the body


5 Harold's Holiday P.5

To encourage the wise use of leisure time


6 Healthy Harold P.6

To encourage the prevention of diseases and the safe use of medicines


7 Clean, Fresh Air F.1

To introduce the respiratory system and the importance of clean, fresh air to the body


8 The Truth About Smoking F.2

To understand the effects of smoking on the body and develop skills for handling peer pressure


9 Emotions F.3

To recognize different emotions and learning to deal with them
To understand the effects of alcohol on the body


10 Everyone is Unique F.4

To appreciate that each person is unique and the importance of respect for others
To develop independent thinking and skills for handling peer pressure


11 On The Way Up F.5 To recognize the importance of work, develop a positive work ethic and understand the concept of financial management  
12 Substance Abuse F.6

To define substance abuse, understand the effects on the body and develop refusal skills and strategies


13 Ladies and Gentlemen P.6

To appreciate the physiological and psychological effects of puberty on individuals


14 Protecting Oneself F.3

To appreciate and respect others, but also recognize the need for self-protection


 15 Environmental Protection  P.1 to F.6

To understand the effects of environmental pollution, recognize the importance of preserving resources and environmental protection




There are 4 units for students with severe grade intellectual disabilities:


  Theme Main Topics  
S1 Tidy Harold

To recognize different body parts and the importance of personal hygiene through different senses



S2 Hungry Harold

To learn about different foods and drinks by using senses and being aware of hygiene during eating


S3 Courteous Harold To learn about being polite  
S4 Harold’s Safety Guidelines To learn about safety in a wide range of daily activities  


In addition to the Special Needs Programme for students, LEAP also offers briefing sessions for parents and teachers to introduce LEAP's methodology, encouraging parents to uphold health messages at home and helping teachers in their follow-up work in the classroom.

To book or enquire about the Special Needs Programme, please contact Sam Wu (sam@leap.org.hk) on 2530 0018.