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November 2017
“Spare a Lai-See” Fundraising Project 2018


LEAP's annual Lai See fundraising campaign will be launched after the Chinese New Year holiday when a Harold donation box will be placed in participating schools. Students are encouraged to donate one of their lai see packets to support our drug prevention education programmes which aim to enhance the ability of young people in resisting the temptation of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.. 



To promote multi-cultural understanding and social inclusion, and to cultivate students’ sense of generosity and benevolence to society, the 2018 “Spare a Lai-See” project will be held in conjunction with the “Harold’s Inclusion Campaign”.  Its purpose is to raise funds for ethnic minority students who are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the LEAP programme due to geographical limitations or resource constraints of the schools.  This year, every lai-see received exceeding HK$25 will be allocated to our “Harold’s Inclusion Campaign” while the rest will go to the development of LEAP’s programmes.