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Important to protect young people from alcohol-related harm (South China Morning Post, 10 May, 2016)

A recent survey indicated that there is an upward trend in the proportion of students who have ever had an alcoholic drink.    


Alcohol is a highly toxic substance.  Young people whose mental and physical faculties are still to be fully developed are even more vulnerable to the risks of suffering negative health and social outcomes of alcohol use, such as poisoning, unintentional injuries, unprotected sex and mental health problems.  In fact, the WHO recommends introducing alcohol policies to reduce its harmful use as a measure to prevent suicides.    


To address the issue and to protect young people from alcohol-related harm, LEAP wrote to the SCMP to urge the government to assess its alcohol policy.  The letter was published in the SCMP on 10 May 2016.  Please visit the link to read the full article: