Schoolboys arrested on suspicion of snorting ketamine

What happens if people are caught with "illegal drugs"?

  • Offenders will have a criminal record
  • The maximum penalty for possession is 7 years imprisonment and/or a fine of HK$1,000,000


Ketamine abusers have bladder capacity only one fifth of normal

To lower production cost, the drug dealers mix different substances like glass powder, laundry detergent, and chalk powder into the ketamine. Consequences of impure drugs are unpredictable and can be fatal. Research shows 30 to 40 percent of ketamine abusers aged 15 to 30 have kidney dysfunctions. They need to go to the toilet every fifteen minutes.


High risk of brain damage associated with heavy ecstasy use

Ecstasy causes the body temperature to increase, so drinking water is important to prevent dehydration. However, too much water may lead to swelling of the brain. This then affects respiration and heart rate which could be fatal.


Teenager dies after taking drugs at disco

Taking a mixture of ecstasy and ketamine is very dangerous and even fatal because the purity and strength of the illegal drugs are not controlled.


13 year old girl raped after using ketamine

After using dangerous drugs, people become less inhibited and have slower reaction times. This can lead to risks of sexual harassment. Victims are often aware of what is happening to them but have no strength to resist.


Hong Kong parents denied access to children held in Shenzhen jail

Hongkongers abusing illegal drugs caught in the Mainland also suffer legal consequences. The arrested could be detained from ten days to a few months and would be given mandatory anti-drug education programmes.


Many teenagers who abuse drugs do poorly in IQ tests

Studies showed drug abusers can suffer memory loss and cognitive function impairments, such as a lack of logical thinking and concentration.