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Transport Department -  Road Safety 

Useful information such as how alcohol affects a driver's ability, how the relevant laws are enforced and the consequences of drink driving




Drug Office, Department of Health

Detailed information on selected medicine and over-the-counter drugs


Narcotics Division

Useful information on issues relating to drug abuse


The Community Drug Advisory Council

Established by parents and volunteers to tackle the youth drug problem in Hong Kong


Caritas HUGS Centre

Counselling service for young psychotropic substance abusers (content mostly in Chinese)


Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abusers, Hong Kong Christian Service

Social services organization aiming to serve the community, especially the less privileged, to abstain from taking dangerous substances and to develop a healthy lifestyle




Tobacco Control Office, Department of Health

Updated information on smoking and health


Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

Updated news and research articles on smoking and health in Hong Kong


Sport and Health


Department of Health

Information and policies relating to health issues in Hong Kong


The Chinese University of Hong Kong — Advisory Committee on Health Promotion and Protection

Information about the diseases and health issues


The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association — Health Tips

Health Tips


United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service

Information about diseases prevention and health services


Other Related Organizations


KELY Support Group

Charitable organization offering support to young people in Hong Kong by providing peer support through offering activities that encourage positive interaction among young people


ReSource the Counselling Centre

Group of counsellors to guide those who need individuals or families who are in crisis


Zion Social Service

Organization to help and support the youth in Hong Kong



Information about counseling service to psychotropic substance abusers


International Web Sites




Office of National Drug Control Policy

An arm of the Executive Office of the President, established by virtue of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988.


Its stated goal is to establish policies, priorities, and objectives for the country’s drug control program


National Institute on Drug Abuse

This organization’s goals are to strategically support and conduct research across a broad range of disciplines and to ensure the rapid and effective dissemination and use of those results to improve prevention, treatment and policy relating to drug abuse and addiction


Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

Their goal is to build resilience and facilitate recovery for people with or at risk of mental or substance use disorders


Charitable organization which focuses on informing people about the development of drug-related policies with the goal of reducing drug-related harms found in society


Alcohol and Drug Foundation

This organization’s objectives are harm minimisation and prevention of problems relating to drugs


Centre for Education and Information on Drugs and Alcohol

Their aim is to provide information about drugs and give professional support to those in need




Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

A US-based web site that provides news, interesting facts and information to protect children and youth from tobacco addiction and to create a healthier environment.

Australian Council on Smoking and Health

Aims are to raise awareness in the community on issues relating to smoking and health and to lobby tobacco industries and governments in the fight against tobacco

Canadian Council for Tobacco Control

Goal is to transfer knowledge and skill development to enable effective local, provincial, and national engagement of tobacco issues